Who We Are

Mann Bros. are an award-winning and family-run independent production company, specialising in creative video production for Music, Theatre, Film and TV.

Committed to producing the highest quality video content by supporting and showcasing talent, we make it our mission to facilitate a highly creative and collaborative environment across all projects, inspiring people to express themselves and let their ideas shine. We are allies and pride ourselves on inclusivity and supporting diversity in all the work we do.

Mann Bros. combines technical and creative knowledge across all aspects of production, from concept to delivery, ensuring each project has a unique and tailored approach.

Theatre & Promotion

From event coverage to behind-the-scenes capture, we shine a light on the heart of your project whilst understanding how best for it to be shared with the world.

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Music & Narrative

From music videos and live concerts to documentaries and short films, stories are our passion. Whatever the ambition, we will work together to bring your vision to life.

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Our Team

Timothy Mann

Timothy Mann

Technical Director (he/him)

Meet Tim, Technical Director at Mann Bros. Tim oversees all things technical, from camera setup to grading in post. As a cinematographer, he creates beautiful images using light in weird and wonderful ways. A talented colourist, Tim relishes in finishing a project to the highest possible creative and technical standard. He is also a drummer - more accurately, he enjoys hitting things loudly with sticks. He does his best brainstorming on the saddle of a bicycle, enjoys indie-romances and is a sucker for good anime.

Ben Mann

Creative Director (he/him)

Meet Ben, Creative Director at Mann Bros. Ben heads up creative innovations at the company, directing and producing all projects with a cohesive look and feel. With experience both in front and behind the camera, Ben has a keen eye on the big picture at Mann Bros. and ensures the company are always working towards a creative and collective vision. Ben's no stranger to being in the spotlight having carved out a career as an actor for the past two decades. He’s an avid runner, loves a challenge and enjoys a good sandwich.

Ben Mann
Chelsea Mann

Chelsea Mann

Production Coordinator (she/her)

Meet Chelsea, Production Coordinator at Mann Bros. With a keen eye for detail, she keeps the company organised and structured, ensuring communication is always flowing. We could say it was by chance that Chelsea joined the team, but she is also a member of the family and a ‘Mann’ herself as Ben and Tim’s Sister-in-Law. When she isn’t building production schedules, Chelsea is incredibly creative and loves to indulge her creative talents, singing and writing poetry.

What We Do

From concept to delivery, we work closely with you to fulfil your vision, every step of the way.

With a team of experienced professionals, we are fully equipped to support your project on every level. We value the process of filmmaking and want to create an environment for you and your project that allows your creativity to shine and for you to feel supported along the way.



We work with you from the very first step; creating a vision for your film, a plan for production, and securing all of the resources needed to bring your project to life. From script and storyboards to budgets and production schedules, we assemble the right cast and creative team who can fulfil the ambition of your project.

Filming & Production

We have a hands on approach to filmmaking and will always ensure our experienced team are on hand to guide you through the physical shooting of your film - curating a fun and collaborative environment to get the best out of every shot. This is where all the magic happens.



This is the culmination of your project, where all of the pieces of your film come together. It involves various post-production techniques including editing, colour grading, and visual effects to turn your raw footage into a finished film.


Your finished project, delivered on time and to the highest quality - ready for sharing, distribution and most importantly, enjoying!


Our Clients


They managed to tell a story with their Behind the Scene films, making content that is truly entertaining and accessible.

Belle Palmer
Passion Animaton Studios

Mann Bros are amazing: every time I come to them with an idea they punch it up and make it that much better! They're kind, they're skilled, they're always on time, and they know the job back to front.

Abigail Thorn

Mann Bros. are second to none at turning a page of ideas into a story board and taking on notes at the editing stage to reach the perfect final product.

Katy Eynon
Hartshorn - Hook Enterprises

Mann Bros. always surpass themselves; bringing my vision to life, and most importantly guiding, shaping and elevating it with their own expertise.

Alexis Gregory

You don’t just look forward to working with MBM; you actively try to find reasons to work with them.

MJ Lee

Projects always feel like a true collaboration and their passion for the work, combined with their general niceness means that shoot days are always a breeze.

Robbie Kings
Battersea Arts Centre

They are always my go-to team for anything digital I need to produce. They worked on a series of trailers for Not F**kin Sorry - a learning disabled led company and made the whole team feel at ease resulting in some unique and brilliant video content.

Daisy Hale
Theatre Producer

They are the ultimate professionals and always such a pleasure to work with.

Romy Quinnen
Ten 87 Studios

Collaborate With Us

Mann Bros. are committed to producing the highest quality video content and pride ourselves on inclusivity and supporting diversity in all the work that we do. We're also very big fans of a chat over coffee so drop us a message - we'd love to hear from you.

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